Sword Art Online: Asuna - Knights of the Blood

Sword Art Online: Asuna - Knights of the Blood

by: Crosse

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UPDATE: Now Live at the Chrome Store!

Originally Posted @ http://www.sakuraindex.jp/desktop-goods/browser-themes/chrome-themes-asuna-sword-art-online/

In this theme I've used ZerolShikumai's Asuna render. I've added a few touches with a blur filter, as well as added more decals with Twilight brushes from Axeraider. Used fonts Vrinda and Khan.

Color Palettes:  #c7664d #a43928 #ffecd1 and #ffd1d1. I used transparency with a PNG file with brush elements in my attempy to put in something 'digital' lol.

Character data was taken from her page at the Sword Art Online wiki.

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Hope you like it guys ;)